Buy By Be-Kyoto

We have created a new space at be-kyoto for viewing arts and crafts.
Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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10:00 - 18:00 (closed Friday)


Featuring Contemporary Kyoto Art

BuyByBe is the on-line shop for be-kyoto gallery dedicated to showcasing contemporary creatives, from artists to craftspeople to fashion designers.
It is meant to introduce previously unknown or unrecognized artists and artisans.
We delight in discovering and featuring rare Kyoto gems.
You can view the artwork here and make on-line purchases, or for a more personal encounter visit the gallery and see it in person.
For more information please contact us.

The Creators

One of the unique features of BuyByBe is that we attempt to introduce you to the mind of the artist giving you an insight into their background and personal histories.

Arts and Crafts

Since ancient times arts and crafts have enriched the lives of the Japanese with such practical, everyday items as furnishings, tableware and accessories.
BuyByBe features artists working in a variety of mediums including ceramics and traditional fabric.

Fashion and Interior Design

BuyByBe features designers who create furniture, accessories and leather goods among other things.

Visual Arts

BuyByBe features contemporary painters, illustrators and animators from Japan and abroad including those participating in be-kyoto’s MARS art rental program.