Teruko Fushiki


Teruko Fushiki (Japan)

Stained glass is the art of creating pictures and patterns from fragments of tinted glass.
It is most beautiful when the glass is penetrated by an external light source.
Teruko Fushiki explores new possibilities of stained glass production by fusing traditional European styles with a Japanese aesthetic.

Please inquire about work not shown, including a wide selection of stained glass inspired by kimono patterns.


花札 Hanafuda


Number : TF-01

JPY ¥25,000

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lampshade : W105mm D105mm H150mm
wood base : W180mm D203mm

Hanafuda are Japanese playing cards used for a variety of games. There are 48 cards in a deck divided into twelve suits representing the months of a year. Each suit, which contains four cards, has a different flower.
Fushiki has created stained glass based on four popular Hanafuda designs with high point values. They are:
The pine and crane
Susuki grass and moon
The cherry blossom and maku (camp curtain)
The willow and Ono no Michikaze (“Rainman”) with frog
4 patterns which are popular and are a high score were expressed by stained glass.

百人一首 Hyakunin-isshu


Number : TF-02

JPY ¥38,000

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Size : W145mm D145mm H260mm

Hyakunin Isshu Karuta is a traditional Japanese card game dating back to the 12th Century.
The deck contains 200 cards featuring the poems and images of 100 famous poets taken from the Hyakunin Isshu anthology.
Fushiki has created a lampshade based on haiku poems about the period in Japan between early summer and late winter.