Junji Takahashi


Junji Takahashi (Japan)

After learning furniture production in Hida Takayama, an area renowned for its cabinetry, Juni Takahashi began making his own original designs in Kyoto.
His furniture, which has a distinctive Japanese style, is made for a wide range of customers from restaurants to nursery schools.
People love his light and meticulous work.


Tuna stool

Number : JT-01

JPY ¥15,000

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W30cm × D30cm × H44cm

Takahashi often uses unusual materials like the wooden crates that fishmongers pack salmon in. He rescues the boxes destined for the garbage and repurposes them for his furniture. The wood is washed and treated removing any smell of fish, but the special characteristics of the recycled wood remain making each piece of furniture totally unique.